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Life is full of such thing that we don’t them to happen in our life not at least we are prepared for them and for sure in most of the cases we are not prepared if we hadn’t faced those one’s earlier.
Some of the unwanted things happen because of our faults may be due to high curiosity to know something or if we want to impress someone or may be we want to be noticed by some.
All is what is life full of surprises. Taking an example
A friend of mine is very talkative and curious about things which may not be helpful for him but he still tries on them and because of this nature he had a bad experience on the occasion of some festival.
Some of the girls did some work on the fest and he was in the organizing team of the fest and he decided to give them a treat. Girls appreciated for the treat and they followed her and as they were following him, he said “ Piche kya chal rahi ho sath me chalo na rape thodi na kar dunga tumhara”.
As different people have different thinking, same as that was with girls and some of the girls took him in wrong way and some took him in just a joke. The one who took him wrong complaint against him just because of this saying.
This is what a simple saying which he said in kidding mood made him suffer for days. That is what life FULL OF SURPRISES which are unwanted and gives a bad experience.
There’s and another story
Once another friend of mine asked a girl if she had something horrible or something insane in her life or not and this made that girl very angry and she didn’t expected this from that guy but still he asked and unwillingly he hurt her and lost her. My friend told me that he was not behind the answer he was behind the thinking of a normal girl and he wanted to know how will a friend will react to such a situation and how a stranger will react. He got his one answer and now he don’t have guts to ask the same to a stranger. Mostly people take each other in wrong way if they don’t understand the what he/she wants to describe the situation.
From all this i concluded that we can’t tell what a person is thinking until he shows the way of his/her thinking. “Don’t judge others just by your thoughts because sometime this can hurt him/her or even you may hurt yourself”

We don’t know what will happen to us tomorrow may be tomorrow is the best or may be the worst day or may be the last day of our life. So “Enjoy your life till you don’t get bored with the enjoyment”

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